Frequently Asked Questions

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Care Instructions

When any type of mesh is cut there will be some natural fraying that may occur but can be trimmed to eliminate loose strands.

It is highly recommended & important to remember that your wreath should be protected from the elements ( rain, wind, snow and the sun to reduce fading) to promote longevity.

Flowers, leaves, glue, ribbon etc. are not made to be unprotected outdoors and in some cases damage can occur quickly. Your wreath will not last as long and we cannot be responsible for damage to your wreath because of that.

It can be stored in the shipping box provided when not displayed.

Returns and Exchanges

I do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations but please contact me if you have any problems.

Custom Orders

I always welcome custom orders. Or if you would like to change anything about a current design please do not hesitate in contacting me and I will try to accommodate any requests the best I can.


Shipping and processing times may vary.